Friday, October 14, 2011

Things that need a new diaper, according to my 21-month old son

My toddler is obsessed with diapers. I suppose that's a normal part of being a toddler; the body functions in weird and wonderful ways, and hopefully this will all segue nicely into some trouble-free potty training.

Him: "New diaper. Put on."
Me: "Later, buddy. You just got a new diaper."
Him: "New diaper. Now!"
Me: "How about we give you a pretend diaper?"
Him: "Real diaper. Now!"

It's not just him, though. Everything needs a new diaper, all the time. Here's just a partial list of things that need a new diaper on a daily basis, according to my son:

  • His stuffed monkey needs a new diaper
  • His stuffed giraffe needs a new diaper
  • His stuffed anything, really -- they all need new diapers
  • Characters in books need new diapers
  • The fan needs a new diaper.
  • The numbers on the microwave need new diapers.
  • The car needs new diapers. The car actually goes through a lot of diapers. I mentioned it to our mechanic, but he couldn't find the problem.
  • The characters ON HIS DIAPERS need new diapers. Trippy.
Luckily for us, we can usually appease him with pretend diapers. We wave our hands over the new-diaper-needing object/concept, make some whooshy noises, and hand the imaginary diaper to him.

"Put this in the pretend trash."

He throws the "diaper" over his shoulder.

"Good job. Now what?"

He'll point to the desk: "New diaper. Now!"

(Photo by jeti87)